ERP products are available for all kinds of market segments and all sizes of organizations. But successful implementation is entirely another matter. The history of most ERP implementations talks of it as long drawn processes that consumes precious resources like time, effort and money and at the end, still leaves one wanting.

Successful ERP implementations have always been a mirage, a riddle

Bluechip Solves the ERP riddle

We have the technology, methodology and the expertise



Read On To See How We Do It !

Firstly we use BPM methodology to create the ERP. BPM is short for Business Process Management. The uniqueness of this methodology is that this deals with your business processes directly and with programming.

In the BPM methodology, software products are defined through process definitions and not thousands of lines of software codes. Hence all development and customizations are 20 times faster than conventional programming technology.

BPM allows us the flexibility to have specific ERP products for each vertical. After all we don’t take man years to build a product !

Our domain expertise in each vertical span more that 20 years and hence our ERP solutions for each vertical fit like a glove. It factors all the critical parameters and captures the sensitivity of the user.

In a BPM methodology, your ERP can be extended or modified quickly as you grow or as the business dynamics change. And that too without much cost or waiting. The system therefore grows with your needs!!!

We capture and implement standards at the Process flow level and NOT at the micro code level. We do not deny any changes from the user which will enhance the functionality or convenience with out compromising the quality.

Our ERP comes built-in with a Business Intelligence Tool. Managements are able to see result in objective terms and that too within just a month or two from the starting of the implementation.

The Combination of intranet secured VPN for enterprise data, WEB access for Customer and Suppliers and Mobile technology for sales force makes it a complete solution covering all users with the relevant technology.

We understand management’s concerns. That’s why we walk the management through each module as it gets implemented. The management therefore has clear visibility at every step instead of waiting till the end to see the result of completion.

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